Home Ventilation

Home ventilation was used in one way or another ever since we moved from the caves and constructed the first shelter.

Generally back tens of thousands of years ago homes had that many holes in them which fresh air moved through constantly and were really cold. Our homes were chilly because, well they had been (sometimes it was and is warmer outside). They are drafty, hard to and costly to heat, but we had small condensation and little mold and mildew. We even opened our windows to possess home ventilation and supply us with new air, then rushed round the home before sunset and shut all the windows to 'keep the heat in' as my mother said very frequently over the years. Mmmm, interesting theory but now, proven not quite so correct.

As http://bongonut8.skyrock.com/3300432050-When-Is-the-Best-Time-to-Install-a-Home-Ventilation-System.html moved on we coated the home with greater roofing, better wall cladding and flooring, aluminum windows and began to find the advantages of sealing the home more and more, we again found better means of heating our homes using wood fires and more lately heat pumps and solar energy, in doing so discovered we had to keep the heat in, so we began to install Double and Insulation Glazing where ever possible. As we made each improvement, our homes turned into more and more vulnerable to condensation efficiently our home was no longer breathing along with the moisture that we produced wasn't leaving the home, we installed bathroom fans and range hoods for home ventilation, all that really does is take steam from the home drawing more cold damp air in. Now I request is that the best action to take? Together with these improvements we've discovered we are causing our homes to become even damper and colder and more difficult to heat than they have been in the past.

All this is creating unhealthy homes - they've condensation, mould, broken window sills, dampness, cold beds and high power bills - that in turn are creating unhealthy families with all kinds of continuing illnesses causing time off work and school, lack of concentration, raising medical bills for both families and the nation as a whole. Children, in particular are susceptible to poor indoor air quality, as children develop we're doing them an in justice by not providing them the best health we possibly could.

To assist your loved ones to become more attentive and healthy and to decrease the maintenance and running cost of your home you will need to dry out your home as the first step. This will naturally make your home warmer and almost remove all condensation mold and mould.

To do this we've used dehumidifiers - some people still do they have proven to work, but can be inefficient and expensive to run then you have to keep emptying the bucket and because you dry out the atmosphere more damp chilly air is pulled into the space, therefore it turns into an ongoing process. To dehumidify your whole home you Would Have to put a dehumidifier in each room and let them run all day - lots of pitfalls there You'd still have to open windows to make fresh air. What I've pointed out here is an extreme idea I don't advise it, however I did come across 1 family that realised the benefits of getting 3 dehumidifiers, there power bill has dropped very significantly since installing a home ventilation system we supplied that was sized to the home and had the added advantages to suit the family and home.

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