The Perils of Managing and Coverage Claim Alone

Insurance claims may seem straightforward, but are actually quite complicated. The average person simply calls the insurance company and relies on them to send out a daily claim adjuster to determine the value of the claim. That may be accident repairs for the vehicle, medical expenses for the customer that fell in the store, or house repairs from a broken tree limb.

Types of Claims

The situations that fall under daily insurance claims include accidents of any type, personal injury, or workers compensation claims, among others. Basically adjust company that are not the result of a natural disaster are in this category.

The other type, catastrophe claims, are those that are the result of a natural disaster, a monumental event, or anything out of the ordinary. Fire, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and ice storms are examples. In those cases, the insurance company may send out an independent claims adjuster.

Different Adjusters

Knowing the difference between adjusters will have a dramatic effect on the result of the claims process. A company adjuster is an employee of the insurance company. The goal is to process a claim so the insurance company pays out as little as possible. That is the job. An independent adjuster is not an actual insurance company employee, but works for a variety of insurance companies.

Public adjusters work solely for the policyholders who has hire them. what is a public adjuster will help gather documentation, file a claim, expedite it, and guide the policyholder through the entire process. Because they work for the policyholder, the goal is to get the highest amount possible that is fairly owed the claimant.


The cost of hiring an adjuster will vary be state, but is usually a small percentage of the settlement or judgment received by the policyholder. Since those settlements are most often higher than the policyholder would get if processing the claim alone, the fee is nominal. Pricing is also well worth it because the policyholder saves time, hassle, and stress. Adjusters help both residential and commercial customers.

Why Hire a Public Adjuster?

The average person has no idea what the claim is really worth. A public adjuster does because that is what they do all day. Some insurance policies, for example, may have a clause that allows the policyholder to claim the cost of a hotel while the home is being restored from fire damage.

The policyholder will not be reimbursed that money if it is not specifically mention in the claim. The insurance company is not going to volunteer that information. The clause may require receipts or signed documentation from the hotel manager. A public adjuster will review the policy and make sure everything is included in the original claim.
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